Responsive Layout



The world cannot live without smart mobile devices today. Websites are browsed everyday via bigger HD monitors, laptops, tablet PCs and even smart phones. Non-responsive websites normally will look good when accessed on bigger screens while the websites that have been optimized just for mobile devices will look bad on bigger monitors. While a way out is to create and maintain two websites suited for specific browsing needs, it does increase the cost and time spent for the same content.

The best solution is a bit complicated but gives the user a flawless user experience with less time and money spent on maintenance for the webmasters. A responsible Joomla template is able to respond to any screen resolution. While the same content is shown on all screens, there is a change in layout to facilitate this.

A responsible Joomla Templates design uses CSS media queries to dynamically fit and scale of the browser with the users interface. It has come up as an intelligent and effective way to target mobile platforms such as iPad and iPhone for viewing your Joomla site.

Our templates are appropriate for all screen sizes and browsing platforms.