K-Government Unit

Plan, coordinate, develop and implement the transformation of government's delivery system using Information Technology as Facilitator ('enabler'). K-Government unit is working closely with various government agencies at state and federal levels to identify problems and devise various initiatives based on Information Technology in order to improve government's delivery system.

Various initiatives have been designed and implemented, including the provision of government services on-line, such as creating State One Stop Portal – Portal Gerbang Mesra Rakyat that includes various government services within one portal; State e-Government services kiosk, Internal State Government Media channel, State's Intranet Network System and State Government Agency ICT Program Transformation.

K-Government Unit also responsible for developing and implementing programs for promotion and dissemination of state government's service delivery system.





 En. Mohd Nor Hilmy Bin Md Dali   05-5261881   K-Government