Brief History


  • Brief History

    Incorporated on 13 November 2006, KPerak INC Corporation (KPerak) is an entity limited by guarantee by Perak State Government. KPerak is the promoter and state-linked company for the development of ICT and knowledge-driven activities in the state. The organization leads and oversees ICT initiatives of the state and the MSC Malaysia Cybercentre located in Bandar Meru Raya, Meru, Ipoh.

    KPerak is dedicated to assist businesses and link up various communities through the promotion of ICT. The organization also aims to assist Perak’s vision of becoming the preferred ICT investment destination through multimedia innovations and operations.

  • Vision & Mission

    Vision - KPerak INC Corporation vision is to help transform the State of Perak into a developed as well as a knowledge state by the year 2020.

    Mission - KPerak INC Corporation mission is to provide ICT facilities and infrastructure to help transform the state as the preferred investment destination, specifically in the ICT industry, through multimedia innovation and operation.

  • Value Proposition

    To become a one-stop centre for the Knowledge and ICT needs of the state.

  • Motto

    In tandem with its vision and mission, KPerak INC Knowledge, Innovation and Quality one key thrusts of the organization, moving forward.

  • Roles & Responsibilities

    KPerak's main role is to advise the State Government of Perak on policies to develop MSC Malaysia practices, multimedia operations and to support companies located in the area as well as promoting MSC Malaysia Cybercentre @ Meru Raya at local and international levels.

    KPerak is dedicated to empower businesses and is prepared to link up communities by ensuring that ICT is available to each individual at every facet of the society in the state.

    The focus of KPerak is on M.I.N.D industries specifically in the areas of Multimedia Content, IT Systems, New Media, Research, Development and Design. The M.I.N.D industries will be the platform and medium to achieve a fully K-State for Perak in 2020.