Type of Lab Daily Rate (RM) Half-day Rate(RM) Seats
 ICT Training Lab 1 600 300 24
 ICT Training Lab 2 500 250 20
 ICT Training Lab 3 600 300 24
 Digital Forensic Lab 800 400 10


Rental Procedure:

  • Please call K-Workers Unit at 05-526 1881 or fax to 05-526 0881 to check on available dates for type of labs required.
  • If available, please write-in to KPerak INC Corporation to apply.
  • When approved, an official quotation and access card (letter of undertaking/form) will be issued.
  • Users are required to submit full names and IC numbers and the completed forms.
  • Please make full payment by company cheque, cash or Local Order (LO) during access card collection before the usage date.